Sink or Swim ★★★

A group of men, all of them going through difficult times in their lives, find solace and a space to talk about their problems, their dissatisfaction with life and how worthless they feel, in the male synchronized swimming team of their small town. Le Grand Bain is a simple and conventional film that, with a hint of humour, brings us closer to some of the problems of middle age such as depression and failure. The protagonists are a group of ordinary men who try to show themselves and those around them that it is not too late to achieve something and be someone in life if they really try as hard as possible. Along the way they will realize that the most important thing is to learn to overcome the obstacles that life puts in our way and always give the best of oneself no matter what others think. Le Grand Bain is an entertaining film with no pretension other than to bring a smile to the audience and, though perhaps slightly long, it is sustained by the wonderful work of the cast, a good mix of comedy with emotional moments, and a positive message about holding on to life.

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