Stalker ★★★½

This acclaimed film is a simple story about three men who enter a mysterious site known as The Zone that serves as a pretext for the director to present a series of philosophical reflections. Tarkovsky's mastery at a formal level is indisputable, the way he uses space and light, superb long shots, rich composition, photography, and the fact that he manages to extract great beauty from desolate landscapes are important attributes that, to a large extent, kept me interested. The film is very slow and, lasting almost three hours, takes time to develop this metaphysical journey through the complexity of human essence. The ideas presented and discussed are truly fascinating, from the role of art, science and technology in human life; knowledge, and moral and ethical responsibility that this entails; the destiny of humanity and happiness, and some religious allusions to consider.
Stalker is an ambitious and hypnotic film that has left me with many questions and a bit ambivalent, but eager to explore more of Tarkovsky's filmography.

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