The Birds ★★★★

A complex, ambiguous, and perverse work, The Birds is built on a fascinating premise that can be interpreted in countless ways. Is it really the design of the end of the world? Does it talk about love and repressed sexuality? Is it a reflection on the order established by humanity and nature reclaiming what is rightfully its own? Or is it simply the story of a woman who breaks the fragile balance in a man's affective relationships? What is certain is that Hitchcock plays masterfully with the fear inherent in human beings against the irrational, creating an oppressive, disturbing atmosphere that gradually leads to anxiety, despair and, above all, an overwhelming impotence in the face of a threat that persists. The Birds is like an enigma, one in which the audience is as bewildered as the protagonists who have to live that inexplicable chaos, an enigma that seduces and invites to be deciphered.

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