The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★½

Queen Anne is a fragile woman marked by personal tragedy, a deteriorating health and an unstable character that make her the least suitable person to dictate the destinies of early 18th century England at war with France. Around her, two women begin a fierce rivalry in search of the sovereign's affection and favours. Between Sarah and Abigail arises a strategic game of power, betrayals and manipulation in which personal and political interests merge.

The Favourite is a story about the twisted nature of human beings and their tendency to cruelty in order to accomplish what they want. Decadence, misery, ambition, pettiness and rottenness of the aristocracy in an overwhelmingly conspiratorial and insincere environment where the will and the stubborn desire for power are everything. All this takes place around a deeply lonely, misunderstood, complexed woman who only longs to be loved.

The Favourite displays a sumptuous mise en scène , excellent performances by the cast and a deliciously dark humor. It is a story that seems distant in time and space, but which Lanthimos uses to speak once again about the world in which we live and the human condition with his distinctive cynical and sardonic touch.

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