The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★½

Alejandro Jodorowsky's celebrated work is an absolutely bizarre and fascinating spiritual exploration that possesses incomparable symbolism and visual richness. In it, the Chilean director embarks on an endless and cathartic journey through the human unconscious in search of wisdom and immortality. Concurrently, this mystical tale also serves Jodorowsky to formulate a sharp critique of the system prevailing in Western societies; a system in crisis permeated by the hypocrisy of the Catholic Church, in which governments and corporations are colluded and determined to maintain control, in which war is imminent, and money and material goods are all that matter. Through his characters and the long road they undertake the director questions the moral values of the time and proposes an exploration of the worst that lies inherent within the human being, but also the ability we have, if we want to, to transcend it. La Montaña Sagrada blends surrealism and psychedelia, oriental philosophies and drugs, reality, dreams and illusions, all of it in this provocative piece of cinema, one of the few vehicles to reach immortality.

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