Tenet ★★★★

Okay. Okay. I understand it a lot now. It’s such an interesting concept to make for a film....when I had it explained to me. The cinematography in this film is fantastic, as it is in every Nolan film. Some exquisite shots. The film actually takes a few twists and turns on the way. You won’t really understand them, unless you pay attention to the slightest of details. Christopher Nolan really payed attention to the script and it’s an incredibly well thought out film.

The only real negative I have is that I really think Christopher Nolan should start fully explaining his films to the audience. Because not all of understand his science terms and his concepts, and that can then end up making you get really lost and then you have no idea what’s going on for the remainder of the film. I get he’s a prestigious filmmaker, but he’s really got to connect with his audience and spend time making sure the audience get what’s going on. This was the only Christopher Nolan film that I’ve had problems with understanding some of his concepts, but I know that many other people struggle and I just think it’s something that he needs to sort out.

John David Washington and Robert Pattinson were both fantastic. They both added something different to the film.

Overall, I don’t really want to get too much into the whole groundbreaking world that is Tenet, because it’s not out in the majority of countries yet and I do want people to read this review so they know what to expect, but I’m sure you all will love it. Nolan strikes again. Cheerio!

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