Songs My Brothers Taught Me

Songs My Brothers Taught Me ★★★½

I have never seen a film set on a reservation, so that automatically had me looking up at the screen like a child, just soaking everything in. It felt so good to be dropped into a world that I had never set foot in, and even better when, to my enjoyment, it all felt so familiar. Everyone here feels, thinks, and acts like the people I grew up with, and many of the sibling relationships are very similar to my own. I don’t have a long list of things to babble on about with this film. It’s storytelling is powerful, and any event I thought was going to go one way was definitely met with a choice that opened up the world of the film, or the inner-world of a character, in an intuitive way. It’s direction and sensitivity to it’s well drawn characters is excellent, and an early sign of Zhao’s ability to deeply affect her audience when the time is right. It’s a debut, so naturally it has its hitches (the ending didn’t quite hit as hard as other parts of the film did for me), but it’s a damn good debut. Grandma saying “Everybody just eat, it’ll be alright,” had me about ready to cry for several reasons. So yeah, super excited to see Nomadland when it comes out.

Today’s the last day for you catch this on MUBI (US)!

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