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  • Raw! Uncut! Video!

    Raw! Uncut! Video!


    A bit too adoring -- hagiographic, is that the word? -- but a really excellent look at the history and context of a specific gay porn production house and the love story behind it. I particularly loved the point made about porn as a way of documenting gay culture and educating people about various ways to have sex and explore fetish.

    So different to now when it's all manufactured and I kinda like that construction but also feel the loss…

  • The Darkness

    The Darkness

    Yeah, that was terrible. Awful plotting, less than good acting, completely unconvincing period detail, and I never knew you could fuck up sound editing so bad.

    Also I might have yelled at the screen at one point: "Changelings cannot happen to adults! Changelings are only switched as babies, what is WRONG with you?!"

    Amelia Eve deserves so much better. One star for her cos we loves her in this house.

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  • Loveland



    Too conflicted about this to do a coherent review so here are my notes instead.

    It's very hard for me to watch an Ivan Sen film like a normal person. Like someone who isn't keenly aware of the man behind the camera, of his eye and the themes that infuse his stories -- isolation, abandonment, longing for connection, the complications of race and cultural identity. The way he uses silence and distance and lingering on faces, the way his score…

  • The Great McGinty

    The Great McGinty


    This movie breaks my damned heart. I love it so much.

    Yes, it's a scathing satire. Yes, it has that great balance of sincerity and cynicism. Yes, it has some gloriously silly physical comedy and rapid af banter. Yes, it has an unexpected love story. Yes, the woman manages to be noble without being saccharine, functions as the man's conscience and still have her own identity. Yes, McGinty is one of the greatest antiheroes and Brian Donlevy's performance is so…