• Nope



    Well, I absolutely fucken loved that.

    Admittedly, I struggled a little at the start and then realised I had better just relax and trust in Jordan to tell me the story he wants to tell. And then yep, it was wonderful.

    The stable scene fully terrified me, to the point where I thought "Oh no, this was a bad idea. I should not have come to see this at the cinema. This is too scary for me." But then the…

  • George Michael Freedom Uncut

    George Michael Freedom Uncut


    This was so frustrating and also incredibly rewarding and emotional.

    It did feel very edited. Nothing about his childhood, nothing about him growing up, just bam straight into meeting Andrew and getting signed and then into his solo career. He says he had this need to be recognised, this thirst for success but he never says why or what made him like that. And okay, yes, I get that his career began at a very young age so there wasn't…

  • Big Hero 6

    Big Hero 6


    Yep. Just as underwhelming on the second watch.

    I was puzzling why it doesn't work for me and all I could come up with is maybe it doesn't spend enough time on the other characters or maybe the San Fransokyo setting doesn't seem real enough? Or maybe the villain story is a bit weak? I don't know. The elements don't quite fit together for me.

    Oh how funny, same director as The Sea Beast which also underwhelmed me.

    I do…

  • Frankenweenie



    I was looking through my Animation folder and realised I still hadn't watched this.

    And yep. Everyone was right.

    Best Frankenstein adaptation ever. (aside from May.) All the little homages and references were so clever and adorable, and I'm sure there were some I missed too. My fave has to be the poodle that gets the white streak shocked into her head fur, and her owner is named Elsa. (I can do without the Van Helsing part.)

    And those parents…

  • City Slickers

    City Slickers


    So much lovelier and deeper than I remember.

    And I totally didn't realise it's pretty much a comedic take on Red River. It even references the movie and name-checks John Wayne and my beloved Montgomery Clift, and then fully replicates a basic plot trajectory. And it does a similar thing in terms of exploring masculinities, the toxic homophobic sexist sort versus the kinder more introspective sort.

    I loved best the conversations between the three guys, not just about sports but…

  • Persuasion



    "No one so capable as Anne."

    Roger Michell's films are so technically flawless it's no wonder I love them so much, and that this film in particular is my happy place.

    The sound design is impeccable. How the country scenes are dominated by the sounds of nature rather than sumptuous orchestral swells because really that's such a restrained score. And how the rain moves us from the country to Bath so seamlessly it took me so many rewatches to realise…

  • Shane



    Oh, give me all the queer readings of this film.

    It's such an obvious exploration of masculinities, the settler nurturing kind versus the loner violent kind who are supposed to be dying out but just come back in different forms except not in this film. And how the veneer of heteronormativity lies over the rather romantic love between the two men who work together and grin at each other before fighting back to back.

    So many beats of this story…

  • Hustle



    As a Sandler completist who fucken hates sports, I've been putting this off ever since it came out. And yes, there were at least five sentences of fully English words that made absolutely no sense to me because sports. And yes, I did tune out in the middle because the training was going way too goddamned long, and I had to fully wrench myself away from my phone game and back to paying bloody attention to the movie.

    But until…

  • Predators


    The things I watch for Topher Grace.

    And yes, he was the only thing that made this bearable for me. If anything, I was thinking in the last quarter how much I would have loved to watch a whole movie about his character and the whole life he had before this plot began. That would have been so excellent.

    I was never into the Predator film series. I watched the first ages ago, it made no impression on me. Later,…

  • Northanger Abbey

    Northanger Abbey


    It's physically painful how pretty Felicity Jones is in this, with her hair and costumes and makeup done so right. And the sweetness and wild eroticism of her Catherine is so well-calibrated that she's mostly adorable and I only want to shake her a few times.

    It really only takes that first scene for me to remember that Henry Tilney is the best Austen hero -- well, yes, cos I love Wentworth but he is a little bitch, and Darcy's…

  • Mr. Malcolm's List

    Mr. Malcolm's List


    Despite a very capable cast and wonderfully warm production values, that was exactly as clinical and derivative as the book, and neither are as funny as they think they are. Ugh.

  • All of Me

    All of Me


    No wonder I was completely besotted with this film. It's directed by Carl Reiner! It's exactly as madcap and surreal and heartfelt and so slyly aware of the performance of gender as most of his stuff that I love.

    I was gunna say this is my fave bodyswap comedy but then it's not an actual swap, it's a body-share and goddamn I love it.

    Also I never realised there's a precursor to Rob Reiner's orgasm joke from When Harry Met…