La La Land

La La Land ★★★★★

This is legit one of the best edited, directed (THE LONG TAKES), shot, and mixed movies that any studio has put out in the past few years and to discredit the numerous talented individuals who pulled these feats off in favor of an argument that has to do with casting and representation and NOT the technical aspects described above, is not only baseless but also plain stupid, because as a long time jazz musician and a film composer I could talk all day about how poorly this movie represents the spirit of jazz with this white savior narrative but that doesn't stop it from being a GOOD FUCKING MOVIE in all its other aspects.

If you stay through the credits on any film you'll see the disclaimer that up to tens of thousands of jobs were created for that film alone. The criticisms of this movie are valid but don't take an entire art form, an entire visual medium, and slam it because it doesn't accomplish something it wasn't trying to in the first place.

Anyway this movie bangs i love color palettes my wig is legally declared missing etc etc

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