The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street ★★★½

This movie is hard to rate. It's excellent style, rapid pace and trademark Scorsese voice make me -want- to love the film, but it left me strangely unaffected. Maybe it was because the story was actually more about Wall Street in the 80s than it was about The Wolf of Wall Street, was more about theme than about the struggle of one person.*
Or it was due to my overblown expectations, which got an extra fuel injection during the first 20 minutes if the movie, during which I gleefully clapped my hands, chuckled and gurgled in anticipation of the next Scorsese landmark masterpiece this seemed to be.
Whatever the reason, the movie is gloriously created, but a little dull and repetitive and utterly unsurprising in it's tale. Over the top at times, which was actually fun, but not the masterpiece I secretly hoped for —which is a crazy thing to say.
Yes, huge step up from Hugo, better than The Aviator, but on the level of Good Fellas, Casino or even The Departed it ain't.

*Which is interesting: An engaging story seems to be mostly about substance than style. About a journey that one can emotionally relate to. The arc of the character seems to be the most important thing, and not character itself.

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