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  • Akira


    The best part was walking back home from the cinema. I’d forgotten how nice it can be to walk through the city at night, especially in the summer. The smell of green foliage, walking past groups of kids laughing and gossiping about who’s going out with who, cooking smells and more laughter coming out of the student accommodation building, the waft of scented candles from a window not far from home, two children looking out, chatting about the things children…

  • Point Break

    Point Break

    In Los Angeles, a gang of bank robbers call themselves The Ex-Presidents commit their crimes while wearing masks of Reagan, Carter, Nixon and Johnson.

    All I want to know is, did Gerald Ford know about this film? Did someone tell him about it? Did he go see it? Was he sad that none of the surfer bank robbers wears a Gerald Ford mask? When, later in the film, they kidnap Keanu and force him to go on a robbery with…

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  • Paint Drying

    Paint Drying

    Letterboxd friends: I thought I'd let you know that I am now a parent! K and I are very tired but we're doing well and managing to figure out how the baby works. And the baby is adapting well to life on land.

    Of course this means Letterboxing/film-watching will take a bit of a backseat, at least for the next several weeks. I'll probably make the occasional appearance though! I obviously enjoy reading what you all have to say about…

  • Fresh Kill

    Fresh Kill

    Radioactive food fads, yuppies hatching world takeovers in modern art galleries, accordion-playing during sex, the science teacher from Twilight as a paranoid former guerrilla, the only cinematic use (as far as I know) of Sheila Chandra’s astounding Indian/Scottish drone ballad Lament of McCrimmon/Song of the Banshee, and all with a queer family at its core. Very 90s, but also ahead of its time, but also feels like a transmission from a timeline only a step or two removed from our own. Would highly recommend, available for free here.

    Watched as part of my Queer Cinema Summer Challenge 2022

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  • Cow



    I'm glad the cow got to spend a few nights each year sleeping under the soft glow of starlight.

  • Legend


    I was blown away by the sheer look of this film. But, thinking about it now, I’m not so sure about its take on monobrows. Tom Cruise sports what looks like his natural monobrow in this, and because his character is good, natural, and authentic, this suggests that we are meant to infer that monobrows are good, natural, and authentic as well. But then, when the forces of darkness give Princess Lili an “evil” makeover in an attempt to corrupt…