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This review may contain spoilers.

Hooptober 7: Year of the Plague

- Aunt Mozelle conjuring the ghosts of two of her past lovers through the mirror. A very cool visual I don't think I've seen done like that before, anchored by a perfect performance. (There has to be an essay out there about use/symbolism of mirrors in this film, right? Later in the film, the same mirror makes that unsettling encounter between Cisely and Louis that little bit eerier--possibly symbolising the way different people can remember the same event results in the creation of parallel realities? Or maybe--is this an Oculus prequel??)
- The spooky way Lenny Mereaux walks down the train tracks on that fateful night towards the end of the film, kind of stiff, angled in a way that doesn't seem quite right, not dissimilar from a zombie actually.
- Diahann Carroll's intense performance as the witch Elzora--as well as her white face make-up, quite simple visually, yet so effective at conveying her status as an outsider, and all the risks that dealing with her involve.
- That darkly funny scene where they're celebrating the death of a neighbour's child, because it seems Aunt Mozelle's vision of a child hit by a tram isn't any of the Batiste kids. Though it doesn't achieve the same level of unpleasant grotesquery, it reminded me, of all things, of that scene in Cronenberg's Map to the Stars, where Julianne Moore dances around celebrating the death of the son of a rival actress.

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