A Woman of Paris: A Drama of Fate

A Woman of Paris: A Drama of Fate ★★

I want to be a person who likes salmon. The texture is pretty and supple, and it’s very healthy. But my whole life, I just can’t get into salmon. As Jamie hilariously and accurately said, “the flavor of cooked salmon is like a trombone.” But still I keep trying salmon a couple times a year (including last night) hoping for a different outcome but no…

Are silent movies my salmon of the film world?! I just get bored I’m sorry 🙄 … I’ll give it a few more tries just like how I’ll keep trying salmon, hoping for a different result 😂

This movie tho, I don’t have the patience nor silent film knowledge to give it a proper and fair critique, but I found the writing patchy with weird transitions, and I just can’t get into stories flowing from stupid miscommunications/mistakes. I stopped engaging like 20 mins into this because of that. I’m like, you’re fucking stupid, I don’t care about the consequences of your behavior! It also seemed old world prudish in a way I couldn’t connect with…


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