Rabbits ★★★

An odd, surreal web series from David Lynch, featuring a family of anthropomorphic rabbits living in an apartment. Canned laughter is heard on character entrances (mostly the father), giving the impression of a sitcom in the setting facing the camera like a stage.
All seemingly set at night, the father occasionally leaves, and then returns, seemingly to talk with someone at the door. At first, the conversations held in the apartment seem nonsensical, enhanced by the laughter on certain lines. Yet concentration reveals somewhat of a cut-up method approach to dialogue - later phrases begin to link up with earlier or later questions and responses. This approach gives, along with the moody soundtrack, an eeriness all its own.
There is an unspoken secret that at least the parents are aware of.

Possessing a mood and approach somewhere between the two films Lynch made on either side of this brief series - Mulholland Dr. & Inland Empire, the latter of which notably includes some footage from this series - its substance appears to mostly lie in the atmosphere and tone created rather than any significant intellectual depth. Alternating episodes feature domestic scenes and solo monologues/songs/poems for each of the three rabbits. Watched all at once, like I did, while it remains interesting, things do become a little repetitive, as not that much really happens on the surface - giving a real sense of inertia in regard to the rabbit's current lives. The whole series would easily seem to've occurred on the one night.

Strange and mesmerising as only David Lynch can make, featuring the voices of his two stars from Mulholland Dr., Naomi Watts and Laura Elena Harring, it sustains a wonderful feel, yet it's so slight in it's material, that I think it's likely best experienced one episode at a time.