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  • Necropolis



    where to start? the good or the bad?
    Probably start with the bad and end on a high note.

    This is an obviously low budget film, and as such the 'effects' as all but non existent. most of the "magic" is just echoed vocals with absolutely no visual reference at all.
    the filming is janky as hell (no pun intended) with some scenes being so bad you can see a weird outline around the actors against a backdrop.
    Then there's…

  • Terrordactyl



    "Better than Sharknado"
    this was actually really good!
    Sure it followed a lot of the standard tropes, but the production quality was above standard and the acting actually wasn't too bad with some believable chemistry.
    The special effects start our pretty decent, but flounder a bit in the 'swarm' scenes. the "final, Big Ass Monster" actaully manages to look pretty cool.
    There were some great(ish) moments in this one that actually help it stand out from the crowd of "neo-creature-features"

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  • Take Me

    Take Me


    Watch this movie!
    It's very rare that you sincerely can't guess what's going on.
    You think "OH! so that's it" then something else happens and you think, "Wait, so that's it?" then another, and another, ping-ponging your theory from here to there until you just think "Y'know what, I have no clue, I'll just watch to find out"

    From the opening sequence at the bank, you know you're in for something special. It's light-hearted and farcical, but it has a…

  • The Man Without Gravity

    The Man Without Gravity


    I will say it is definitely a unique film.
    There are two main lessons I believe you are supposed to learn here, the main one being the whole story of "sometimes the thing that makes you different is your greatest asset, and not to be feared/hidden away"

    The second is that "Sometimes what you want, isn't what you need."

    This is definitely a matter of style over substance. We've seen these stories told, We know whats probably going to happen.…