ISRA 88 ★★½

The plot/blurb for this movie sells it as something it REALLY isn't. So I was a bit confused by this strange, mind-bending space drama that was in the 'sci-fi action' category.

Other than that it's not a TERRIBLE movie, it takes quite a while for anything to start taking shape, and it all just seems like a random bunch of events that are being presented out of order.
AS the movie nears duration subtle (And not so subtle ) details start to emerge that give you a much grander scope of just what has happened here "At the edge of the universe:
I feel like it runs a LITTLE to long for what it is. how-ever there are some stand out scenes strewn through-out.

One last note. for a Movie that pans around, showing the ship and it's strange, space manipulating engine of some sort. it frustratingly NEVER even TRIES to explain how the ship works. This was a source of majour frustration for me.