Pledges ★½

Starts solid.

The concept here is that sorority pledges have been kidnapped and stuck out in the middle of the woods while the chapter leaders pit the teams of three, boys against the girls in a series of 'challenges' to see who is worthy.

Problems arise as the characters are introduced.
each side has "Token Black representative" but this is undermined by the fact that each of said reps is made to wear the camera-glasses that are being used to track their progress. this further segregates them and felt badly managed.
also theirs the oversexed douche bag,all sex jokes and talking about his dick. not really adding anything at all.
And of course the lovable caring one.

Then on the girls side you have:
The sexy nerd, who seems annoyingly coy.
The slutty girl who pretends to hate the douche, but inevitably fucks him... several times.
And of course, the lovable caring and NAIVE one.

The stereotypes are laid on thick.

The plot progresses interestingly enough, we get several very strong hints they are being hunted by something. but it seems to be intent on scaring them all first.
The pledges of course think it's all part of the challenge.

The plot falls apart when one of their supply bags is taken in the night, and they go look for it. nerdy black guy falls and injures himself. shall we call it all off and go home to get help?
"It's not that bad" he says with a freakin BONE jutting out of his leg.
Yeah, I can see 5 other people just being cool with leaving him to sleep that off.

and rather irritatingly, after the long game setup of introducing all the characters, giving them full back stories and setting up this whole scenario ....
The monster attacks and its all over in like. 10 minutes.

Very disappointing to have sat through ALL that set up for essentially nothing.