Tammy and the T-Rex ★★★★★

Wow.... just, WOW!
Watched as part of Monsterfest 2019
If you ever wanted to see a movie, where a DINOSAUR wins a girls heart by playing charades... you've come to the right place!
From word go you know this is going to be special. Paul Walker as a 'dreamy teen' with his midriff showing, Denise Richards pretending she can both Act AND Dance.
Then, an over the top fight 'Bad Boy' Billie.
MAd scientists deciding they will immortalise themselves by becoming dinosaurs! (Because what other kind of robot would do?)
The campy, over the top practical effects. The over the top, Campy gay friend!
Just everything about this from go to WOAH! it's just perfect, cinematic cheese.
Thrills, Chills and Kills a minute!