The Greasy Strangler ★★★★

While watching this very off-beat, oddball 'comedy' I was questioning my own sanity...
Why the hell am I watching this nonsense film? The pacing is slow, the humour is just bland. the acting seems deliberately terrible. But something about it made me want to see where this all leads.
I think the thing that hooked me in and made me stay was the sound-track. or really the complete lack of one, it was just one very odd but catchy tune looped over and over in almost every scene.

But the following day I found myself thinking about this film, the jokes, the absurdity, the horribleness of it all, and the more I thought about it, some-how the funnier it became .
I found myself quoting some of the scenes to friends I knew had seen and enjoyed the film previously.

I'm really not sure what the over-all POINT of this movie was, the characters were bleak, and mostly just horrible to each-other. there was no real plot, just a string of increasingly bizarre events strung together with increasingly crass humour.
And yet like some insidious force compels it, the film slowly but surely eked its way into my good graces and against any logical reasoning I find myself placing this film in my "Favourite Oddities" cabinet of alongside my other favourite B-Grade gems!

Trust me when I say you've never seen anything QUITE like this movie, and if at first you find yourself hating it, or disgusted by it. just give it a day or two and re-evaluate.