The Platform ★★★

This had SO much potential, SO much!
It had a very interesting concept, that was delivered FAIRLY well.
the set design was well done, it creates a sense of of hopelessness and entrapment, which serves the movie quite well.
The characters are well written, and the 'others' are suitably grotesque in their behaviour.

The movie definitely has a lot to say about society, consumerism, capitalism and the way society interacts with itself as a whole. it very much does NOT try to hide this fact, it instead shoves it down your throat like the food we consume daily.

where this film falters is that it offers up absolutely ZERO explanation for what is going on.
Who designed this place?
Why design it the way they did?
Why do people work for this place?
How the hell is this all even legal?
What is the purpose of any of it?
What happened to him at the end?

So many things were left so completely unresolved that I found myself distracted by those points instead of what was offered up
(pun intended)

Definitely worth watching for the metaphorical dealings, but don't expect to be satisfied....
Hey, maybe that was the point!?