Who's Watching Oliver ★★★★★

This film is like an Onion, it may offend some people, but it just has so many layers.
I really want to be disgusted by this. But I can't be. its a masterpiece of film making!
At first glance its all about the shock-value caused by this human filth. But as it progresses, you start to see what's really happening underneath it all.
It becomes this fantastic exhibition on the human condition. our need for approval, togetherness, understanding. It's a great look at mental illness and the fragility of identity. Both moral and personal.
The first thing that struck me was the ticking used to represent the repetitive, monotonous, almost torturous routine of life simply and literally just ticking by.
I was instantly hooked.

Oliver is broken, but he wants to fix himself. He's stuck in a relentless monotony, made to do unspeakable things at the hands of a controlling and overbearing mother (symbolic of familial expectations and a morbid fear of disappointing) then suddenly here is someone who is also broken offering a way out. the way out isn't pretty but then, neither is life most of the time.

I could likely write about this one for WAY to long, breaking down everything as I experienced it, but instead I just urge you to see this for yourself. it's gratuitous, it's violent, depraved and disgusting. but at the same time it is beautiful and poignant, with layers of tenderness, longing, love and hope mixed in.

Then there's the thing about the cat, but I'll let you discover that for yourself.