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  • Evil Bong 420

    Evil Bong 420


    Sam Aotaki. Enough said...
    Okay, I'll say more.
    Superior to part 3 but that's not hard.
    The return of a couple of series mainstays was welcome. Plus the cameos from other movie bad guys was and interesting but also welcome choice. A few critical figures were missing, and that's just not Monkey.
    Though, however brief her appearance, Sam Aotaki showing up is always going to put a smile on my face.

    This one played out less like an actual instalment…

  • Tales from Earthsea

    Tales from Earthsea


    Hmmm not bad.
    But also not great.
    The ani. Action was nice and I liked certain elements of the story, but there was a lot of "rinse repeat" elements going on and some things that straight up seemed to make no sense.
    Had a good laugh at some rather awkward moments. But also found some others genuinely interesting and almost creepy at times.

    Also, WTF was up with the evil wizards look? I didn't realise they had emo/scene kids in ancient fantasy!

  • Australiens



    Aw HELL YES!
    This is the best Aussie B movie since "Muederdrome"!
    Everything about this is just plain fun.
    From the over the top Bogan-esque cast to the In your face set ups.

    The way the aliens mimic humans is BRLIANT.
    Agh, it's hard to rave about without giving things away but oh man! Thought it would be dumb but the only thing stupid about it was the stupid amounts of fun!

  • Remote



    It wanted so badly to be home alone, but it just didn't have what it takes.
    The burglars are just too annoyingly stupid and the "hero" had no real personality.
    Personally I would have liked to see the issues he was having with the school bully explored more rather than this.

    Some things clearly made absolutely no sense. But you know, let's roll with it, it's a kids movie right?
    The kids laughed a few times, but usually for the wrong reasons, the level of absurdity is just too high with nothing to really get invested in.

  • Vixen Velvet's Zombie Massacre

    Vixen Velvet's Zombie Massacre


    A decent mocumentary about a porn actress trying to make it into Hollywood.
    The "Zombie Massacre" portion itself doesn't actually kick in until the very end and most of it is filmed with very shaky handy cams.
    The majority of the movie is a weird, but enjoyable character piece.
    In true budget style there is a lot of crude humour but considering the theme it actually works well here.
    Acting is suitably bad. As in, ilits not so bad it's unwatchable, but if they actually tried to take themselves seriously the effect would have been lost and the film would have suffered for it.

  • K-PAX



    One of those rare cinematic moments where you're pretty sure you know what's going on, but they put in just enough to make you keep doubting yourself.
    Great performances from all involved.

    Would have liked more of a focus on the sessions with Prot, more insight into that character, but his interactions with other patients took precedence. Not that those moments were bad, they also informed you of the character, but not in as meaningful a way.

  • Booksmart



    This is how coming of age stories should be done!
    They indulge in some certain tropes, whilst subverting others to astounding effect.
    To take a story of 2 needy girls trying to be cool and manage to elevate it this way is nothing short of astounding.
    Acting is beyond reproach. (especially whom ever does Gigi. I love her, but I hate her, and I live that I love to hate love-hate-loving her... I think?
    Stand out scenes without spoilers.…

  • Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell

    Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell


    Good fun.
    I saw Tremors One, then skipped 2-5 jumping right into the 6th instalment.
    Apart from a few name drops of previous characters there's nothing much you really need to know going into this one.
    Lots of good dialogue, lots of exploding creatures and general death by stupidity.

    Very much a "check your brain at the door" sort of film.

  • Evil Bong 3: The Wrath of Bong

    Evil Bong 3: The Wrath of Bong


    While technically only a 2 1/2 star effort, an extra half star is awarded for using the phrase "Wang Dongs drunken Monkey" 😂
    The weakest entry in the series so far, this one didn't try particularly hard to make a whole lot of sense.
    I'm a still not really sure how the ending works out.
    Also the whole weird relationship between the dad and the Bong (now lovingly referred to as Eebie) and doctor was bizarre.

  • Girl From Nowhere

    Girl From Nowhere


    "I have a delicate package"
    "grab an apple, it's in the bag"

    Um. Apart from the incredibly "WTF" dialogue choices. I think I get what they were trying to say...
    If not this was just really quite bizarre...

  • Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween

    Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween


    Watched this one with the kids.
    Not quite as good as the first one. Had it's moments but overall it's a bit "meh"
    The kids seemed to enjoy it, though they were a bit on edge as this does have a few minor jump scare moments. Making it slightly scarier for kids than the first.

  • Evil Bong 2: King Bong

    Evil Bong 2: King Bong


    How do you follow up a surprisingly decent B-Grade film about an Evil Bong that steals the souls of those who use it?
    Simple, you introduce and even EVILER Bing that lives in the jungle among a scantily clad tribe of women.
    Good to see most of the cast return, as the goofy caricatures/stereotypes are pretty fun. And the "flow on" elements from the original were a delightful surprise that made it.

    Some good dialogue from the deliberately campy cast, genuiofun to watch without becoming "too much" or tiresome.