• Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi


    I hesitate to remark to much on this one, Star Wars is a pretty sensitive subject to some.

    I will say this though, the scene in which Yoda proves himself to be a complete lunatic which sociopathic tenancies.... is probably the greatest scene in any Star Wars movie to date.

    And the weird force-link between Rey and Kylo was cringe.

    MUCH better than The Force Awakens,

  • Triassic World

    Triassic World


    Much like Jurassic park, Triassic World does not feature dinosaurs from the Triassic time period, but Cretaceous period.
    Nor does this effect "The World" in fact, the entire film takes place within a single facility.
    I'm trying to find a redeeming quality to this film... but it's hard.
    A medical company has cloned dinosaurs to harvest organs for human transplant.... (Erm, what!?)
    But instead, they somehow instead just give the dinosaurs above average human intelligence and problem solving skills (Erm,…

  • Priest



    Visually impressive, this movie showed quite a lot of promise from the beginning.
    How-ever not long after the titular priest leave the convent city, the action quickly takes front seat to any real story substance.

    "What?" I hear you say "A priest vs vampires dystopian sci-fi matial arts action western isn't good!?!?"
    I know, the combination of elements sounds like it was set up to fail from the get go. But there was sincerely a lot that was working for…

  • VFW



    Much more than meets the eye.

    While the film pays a definite homage to the 80's it does so with a very fresh coat of paint.
    This movie could have easily been boiled down to style over substance.
    A teen on the run busts in on a bunch of war vets 'celebrating' with a bag of stolen drugs, they're all now trapped at the local VFW (or RSL for us Aussies) pitted against a gang of drug addicts who will…

  • Species


    The last 3 or so seconds annoy me and completely ruin everything the movie had been trying to set up...

  • Son of the Mask

    Son of the Mask

    Oh GOD!
    Children, WHY did you pick this for movie night?
    No, better question, WHY WAS THIS MADE?
    The Mask in this looks absolutely ridiculous, has ZERO charm and used badly rehashed scenes.
    The plot is pretty contemptible garbage.
    The dog scenes are cringey as FUCK!

    The only reason this gets a ful star is that it made a 4 and 6 year old laugh a few times....

    Good job Lawrence Guterman. You ruined the mask!

  • The House with a Clock in Its Walls

    The House with a Clock in Its Walls


    The first Eli Roth movie I have actually enjoyed!
    It's listed as 12a (or in Australia a PG) I looked up the parental advisory on IMDB before showing my kids and also informed them it's okay to get scared and of its too scary we can turn it off....
    My 7 year old made it to to the "axe murderer" scene about 20 minutes in before getting too scared.
    So we watched "kangaroo Jack" Instead... Not bad, but not great.…

  • Avengers Grimm

    Avengers Grimm


    Asylum Productions.
    Need I say more!?!?

    Oh, I do!?
    i liked this, mostly. its got the typical B (or maybe even Z) grade qualities that anyone watching this is here for.
    Ridiculous dialogue, a fairly interesting and yet not overly well thought out concept.
    Very questionable acting quality.
    and um..... it has "special effects"

    The cast is nice to look at. as is often the case. they need something to pull in an audience.

    It's good....ish.
    it's fun....ish

    There's much better (and I mean that in a good-bad way) films out there, but I'll give the sequel to this a watch anyway.

  • The Craving

    The Craving


    A fun albeit rather silly comedy-horror-erotic romp.

    A celebrity chef with far more BITE then bark, is using her restaurant as a front for her murderous tendencies, and vice versa using her murderous tendencies to fuel her 'unique' cuisines that is propelling her restaurant to local stardom.

    Everything about this film is very, VERY campy. it wears its intentions very much on it's sleeve. with phrases like "you look good enough to eat" and the like being thrown around with…

  • Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

    Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith


    Hayden Christensen manages to be SLIGHTLY LESS appalling in this instalment. I put off watching this for YEARS simply because of how horrendous his performance was in Episode 2.
    Having recently re watched Ep.2 (the kids want to watch the full saga) it made this one much more palatable.
    Natalie Portman is as stunning as ever. and Ewan McGregor continues his admirable job as Obi Wan, this whole prequel trilogy seemed to have a lot more 'dry dialogue' than the…

  • Enter the Void

    Enter the Void



    So, just wait a minute, it was... uh, yeah just that bit about the thing with him and the sister, and the mum, and the... ugh.
    And then the baby. like WHAT!?!?

    I am really concerned about this film ._.

    it was interesting, I'll give it that. but was overly long, and had way to many transition shots that took up more time than they needed too.

    yeah, just.... i don't know @_@

  • Bliss



    I was a little underwhelmed with a lot of the films I saw at Monsterfest 2019. this title was one that I missed due to a timetable clash.
    Watching in now I'm shattered I didn't see this on the big screen!

    The pace this films sets is unforgiving. It is a relentless assault on the viewer, very rarely slowing enough for you to really take in what you have just watched. This sounds horrible, but it really works in this…