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  • Grizzly Rage

    Grizzly Rage


    This was just a miserable attempt at a creature feature!
    Absolutely miserable.
    I want to review this but every time I think about it I just get so angry.

    This feeling of rage is only intensified when you realise this is a David DeCoteau feature.
    If it were a student project that somehow made it's way to streaming services, it could ALMOST (but not quite) be forgiven....
    but the from the guy who brought us things like "Creepazoids" and "Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama" this whle thing just feels like an INSULT.

  • Triassic World

    Triassic World


    Much like Jurassic park, Triassic World does not feature dinosaurs from the Triassic time period, but Cretaceous period.
    Nor does this effect "The World" in fact, the entire film takes place within a single facility.
    I'm trying to find a redeeming quality to this film... but it's hard.
    A medical company has cloned dinosaurs to harvest organs for human transplant.... (Erm, what!?)
    But instead, they somehow instead just give the dinosaurs above average human intelligence and problem solving skills (Erm,…

  • Blood Sisters of Lesbian Sin

    Blood Sisters of Lesbian Sin


    When you watch a film called "Blood Sisters of Lesbian Sin" you expect something pretty crazy... that is not what this is.
    For a movie with so much nudity and what are essentially a LOT of softcore porn scenes tied very loosely together by a demon hunter story, they actually managed to make this really, REALLY boring!

    It's not the kind of Trashy film you put on for a bit of a laugh and a bit more sleaze, its the kind of trash you throw in the dumpster, then set that dumpster on fire...

  • 48 Christmas Wishes

    48 Christmas Wishes


    I didn't watch this film in its entirety, I was just seeing/hearing it while the kids watched and I did things around the house.
    But that's more than enough to know that this was a TERRIBLE movie.
    I know I should cut them some slack for being child actors, but the acting was just beyond bad!
    It's like they just grabbed some kids off the street and said "here, read this and do that, no training required! "
    and my god, the 'jokes' were just so damned awkward to listen too.

    The only upside to this film in any way is that my kids liked it.