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  • Quadrant 9EV9

    Quadrant 9EV9


    I wad sincerely hoping this movie would be the best movie about zombie super soldiers that managed to never actually SHOW zombie super soldiers.

    But then they showed the zombie super soldiers and so now it's only an OKAY movie about zombie super soldiers.

    If you watch the movie assuming that it's a really well produced student project then it's actually a really great movie.
    That it's a slipknot fan film?

  • The Dark Tower

    The Dark Tower


    I found this kind of 'meh'
    I liked the idea, but the execution didn't seem to follow through.
    I haven't read the books so I don't know how faithful this was, but it had a LOT going on that just gets completely ignored.

    As much as I hate the current trend of making one book into 3 or four movies, this film really did feel like it could have benefited greatly from being a two-parter, so that it had more time to expand and focus on all the elements in play.

    There were some very impressive visual moments though.

  • Zoombies 2

    Zoombies 2


    This movie wasn't terrible.....
    or maybe it, was, but it didn't care, and so that made me not care?

    FYI you need no knowledge of Zoombies 1 to watch this.

    It starts with poachers trying to steal animals from a wildlife reserve. but one of the 'super bad-ass 'give no shits' uses her own house made tranquilliser... which seems to work in a stupidly convoluted way.
    But oh my, what's this, an unexpected side effect is that the targets become…

  • The Craving

    The Craving


    A fun albeit rather silly comedy-horror-erotic romp.

    A celebrity chef with far more BITE then bark, is using her restaurant as a front for her murderous tendencies, and vice versa using her murderous tendencies to fuel her 'unique' cuisines that is propelling her restaurant to local stardom.

    Everything about this film is very, VERY campy. it wears its intentions very much on it's sleeve. with phrases like "you look good enough to eat" and the like being thrown around with…

  • Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

    Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith


    Hayden Christensen manages to be SLIGHTLY LESS appalling in this instalment. I put off watching this for YEARS simply because of how horrendous his performance was in Episode 2.
    Having recently re watched Ep.2 (the kids want to watch the full saga) it made this one much more palatable.
    Natalie Portman is as stunning as ever. and Ewan McGregor continues his admirable job as Obi Wan, this whole prequel trilogy seemed to have a lot more 'dry dialogue' than the…

  • Enter the Void

    Enter the Void



    So, just wait a minute, it was... uh, yeah just that bit about the thing with him and the sister, and the mum, and the... ugh.
    And then the baby. like WHAT!?!?

    I am really concerned about this film ._.

    it was interesting, I'll give it that. but was overly long, and had way to many transition shots that took up more time than they needed too.

    yeah, just.... i don't know @_@

  • Once Upon a Deadpool

    Once Upon a Deadpool


    This was pretty good IMO.
    It took out all the F-Bombs , but did keep a BIT of smut with all the "Shit"s in it.
    Everyone is saying its an attempt to see if Deadpool works PG. NO, It doesn't! there were still a LOT of jokes about sex and sexual related content that kids really just didn't get.
    There was still some pretty full on moments too.
    The point of this was NOT to see if Deadpool could work…

  • Hot Wax Zombies on Wheels

    Hot Wax Zombies on Wheels


    There was some sort of political agenda here. There really was.
    I just can't quite pinpoint what it is....

    There was definitely a conservative edge, with the continuous attacks on 'The fruits, and Europeans' though I'm not entirely certain how that ties in with the assault on 'pesky body hair'

    Then again, the fact that this procedure turned the participant into a mindless lust zombie could be an attack on the beauty industry and sexual liberalism/ promiscuity?

    Then of course…

  • Recoil



    Unlike the utterly dissapointing "VANish" this promised Danny Trejo, and it DELIVERED.
    Too bad this was countered by the incredibly dull and completely monotone 'performance' of Steve Austin.

    The story is good enough. A tough as nails cop with a chip on his shoulder (Austin) is hunting down 'failed cases' from his past.
    When he arrives in a small town under the iron grip of the local drug cartel/ biker gang (headed by Trejo) he decides instead of doing what…

  • Trancers



    Like a few 80's action flicks I;ve seen recently, I like the trend I'm seeing.
    Sure the plots are daft, the effects are average, and the dialogue is TACKY.
    But the hero is human.
    Unlike the 90's where the hero can run into a room of 500 henchmen and punch his way out solo, these 80's tough guys are often knocked out and captured, relying on friends for help.
    That seems to be the big difference, these guys aren't indestructible,…

  • Sin City

    Sin City


    Speaking from a stylistic standpoint. This movie was very impressive.
    You get a comic book vibe straight off the bat, everything's greyscale, fantastic use of shadows and light effects. The wind effects to create flapping coats was a superb touch.
    Blood spatter and eyes aon colour to dramatic and impressive effect.
    The outfits (and I'll say it, especially for the Women in the film) are just outstanding and the practical effects and makeup are great too.
    This movie LOOKS great!…

  • The Platform

    The Platform


    This had SO much potential, SO much!
    It had a very interesting concept, that was delivered FAIRLY well.
    the set design was well done, it creates a sense of of hopelessness and entrapment, which serves the movie quite well.
    The characters are well written, and the 'others' are suitably grotesque in their behaviour.

    The movie definitely has a lot to say about society, consumerism, capitalism and the way society interacts with itself as a whole. it very much does NOT…