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  • Mayhem



    Mayhem is an INSANE amount of fun 😍
    It was like the Belko Experiment dialed to 11 and bathed in charm!
    You actually like these characters and start rooting for them to kill every motherfucker in their way!

    There's also actually a good deal of depth to what could have been a very basic slasher/mhrder spree flick. The chemistry between the leads is as volatile as the virus causing their behaviour which helps keep it "believable" and we're working with…

  • Slither



    Loved it.
    Short and simple. LOVED IT!

    It was funny, it had great characters. it was a fun concept it through in some great homages to other movies without them being too in your face.

    just a good, fun movie! no need to blather on about its elements or any of that, just go and enjoy its absurdity!

  • VFW



    Much more than meets the eye.

    While the film pays a definite homage to the 80's it does so with a very fresh coat of paint.
    This movie could have easily been boiled down to style over substance.
    A teen on the run busts in on a bunch of war vets 'celebrating' with a bag of stolen drugs, they're all now trapped at the local VFW (or RSL for us Aussies) pitted against a gang of drug addicts who will…

  • Fist of Jesus

    Fist of Jesus


    This short is an absolute JOY!
    It's zany and over the top. With plenty of splatter and blood.
    But also a good dose of humour to keep it grounded.

    Looking forward to seeing more from this director!

  • The Dead Don't Die

    The Dead Don't Die


    This move...
    THIS, Movie!
    What a fantastic film, its famn, near perfect!
    Yes, it's a very slow burn comedy.
    Yes, the humour is very dry.
    Yes, the situation is outlandish, yet tries to remain geounded.
    Each one of these points on its own, often collapses under its own ambition. But THIS MOVIE perfectly blends them all in together to make a fantastic, nay, SUPERB film! 👌

    Its hard to rate the acting, everything is so deadpan. But given the film…

  • Tideland



    Oh man, that was certainly SOMETHING!
    I'm not sure entirely what it is, but whatever it is, that was IT!

    Surrealism meets a very BLACK comedy.
    It treads some very thin lines but manages to never quite stumble over them.
    This movie knows exactly what it wants to be. Even if you don't!

    Great characters, all of which are SUPERBLY acted. you believe every sublimely bleak and darkly imaginative moment of it.

  • Fury: The Tales of Ronan Pierce

    Fury: The Tales of Ronan Pierce


    Oh, Fuck, YES!
    This is exactly what B-Grade indie is ALL ABOUT!

    Gritty, Violent, Over the top.
    The acting is a little janky in parts, but that just adds to the effect.
    Speaking of effects, theres some great practical effects here, mixed with stock-indie CG overlays that come together to makes this great visual style that helps draw you in, but reminds you this isn't a serious film.

    The story is just absolutely NON-STOP! with drug dealers, psychotic doctors, crooked…

  • Downsizing



    This was just so awesome. It's hard to say much about it without just giving a rubdown of what happens.
    But suffice it to say it is a great commentary on consumerism, humanitarianism, environmentaliam and just the interaction of most human culture as a whole.

    Damon is more than capable as a lost but hopeful soul.
    Waltz as Dusan is an absolute JOY to watch and Chau and Ngoc Lan Tran is both bitter-sweet and HILARIOUS!

    Do yourself a favour and give this one a look!

  • Booksmart



    This is how coming of age stories should be done!
    They indulge in some certain tropes, whilst subverting others to astounding effect.
    To take a story of 2 needy girls trying to be cool and manage to elevate it this way is nothing short of astounding.
    Acting is beyond reproach. (especially whom ever does Gigi. I love her, but I hate her, and I live that I love to hate love-hate-loving her... I think?
    Stand out scenes without spoilers.…

  • 3 from Hell

    3 from Hell


    Watched as part of Monsterfest: 2019
    Pwoah! What a ride.
    I love the way film had elements from both the more "art house" Ho1KC and the "smash cut/Grind house" Devils Rejects that were then rolled into one, cohesive and visually quite stunning piece of cinema!

    The humour is delightfully irreverent too!

    And the one scene, with Baby Firefly in an Indian head dress, and spectacularly saturated colours.
    Cinematic bliss!

  • Anima



    Wow, this one is going to take a re-watch or three to fully unpack but from what I saw this is a spectacular audio visual narrative.
    Whilw here seems to be a clear purpose, I think this will mean different things to different people.
    I see it as a narrative on people's purpose. How society sees people enmasse and not as individuals, and how easy it is to slip outside of your "role" or "purpose" and so fall outside of acceptable society.

  • Sorry to Bother You

    Sorry to Bother You


    Wow, just... Wow.
    It takes quite a lot for a film to truly take you by surprise these days. But this one did it.
    I was already loving the style of comedy and the visual nature reminded me a lot of those 'out there' comedies of the 90s (Don't Be a Menace to South Central while Drinking Your Juice in the Hood sprang immediately to mind)
    The message is so clear too, it was a great jab at corporate America…