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  • Oldboy



    absolute masterpiece

  • Spy



    yeah I don’t like Melissa McCarthy

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  • The Lion King

    The Lion King


    I’m not even going to post a spoiler warning y’all know the story

    I admittedly did not have high hopes for this movie. I grew to love the original before watching this, but I still had some optimism that the movie could almost be as good as the original. That’s not the case however.

    Let’s address the elephant in the room. The visuals are astounding, nailing the look of real animals. However, there’s this uncanny valley kinda feeling, because they…

  • Gundala




    Superhero films are an over saturated genre, there I said it. Disney is dominating the industry with the MCU, even if their films are mediocre at best (ahem ahem Far From Home). However, this was a refreshing take on the genre, spearheaded by one of the most creative and passionate directors Indonesia has ever had. 

    After watching this film, I believe that Joko Anwar is literally the Indonesian Sam Raimi. A director who was well known for his…