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  • Elizabeth: Senator Warren's Fight To The Finish

    Elizabeth: Senator Warren's Fight To The Finish

    i didnt watch it, but i wanted to be the second person to ever review this movie on lb. im assuming they're going to mail me an award, so i'll just tell them my address in advance: 6838 Zumirez Drive, malibu ca, us. i would appreciate a couple million dollars worth of silver, but i would also settle for just a basic, plastic award. if you have any further questions, please contact (512) 836-1444. thank you! expecting the trophy within a week.

  • Steven Universe: The Movie

    Steven Universe: The Movie

    The movie had a good setup with lots of potential, and instead of exploring that it just turned itself into a feature length episode of the show with slightly better animation. If you liked the show, you'll probably like this one.