Encanto ★★★★★

bless me now, as you blessed us all those years ago, when you gave us a miracle.

very few things that i've ever watched have captured this exact feeling so well - that strange, unknowable alienation from those who you, ideally, should've been bonded to for the rest of your life. because it doesn't feel logical, rational, in order. it almost feels like a re-writing of reality; something is out of place, and always has been. and the realization that maybe believing otherwise has been detrimental is...crushing. but there still lies that dead-end: when every card seems to be in your favour except the ones that determine the uncontrollable fundamentals of the universe, like emotion and character, where to move on from there? what are you left with?

maybe...you're left, like The Last of Us Part II suggested, with a wish for a miracle; a desire to try.

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