The Witch

The Witch ★★★½

A supernatural experience that is very stressful and realistic is felt in this film. the entire film is composed in a very gripping manner. Besides the scary story, the additional screaming sound in the back sound really gave me goosebumps. even though it only focuses on one family, but it is all explored very well and maximally. I like this type of horror film, even though I don't rely on jumpscare, the film is still creepy on its own level, in this film, it's a series of stories.

Set in 1630 with a classic British horror story, Robert Eggers manages to create a fresh horror film with a perfect blend of classic tales and modern cinema wraps. all the acting here is so stunning. without exception. Even though Taylor Joy is very prominent in her performance, all of them are no less important and amazing, from the roles of father, mother, Caleb, and the twins, all of them nailed it. the tone displayed is always consistent and interesting to always be followed. The screenplay and cinematography are exquisite, coupled with the scores that add to the level of tension itself. overall, instead of the typical fear of modern horror films, this is a horror film that you can enjoy every story and all the elements of the film.