The Godfather: Part II

The Godfather: Part II ★★★★★

Now THIS is the capital M MASTAHPIECE I was promised. One of the coldest blooded movies I have ever seen, Coppola is firing on all cylinders here. Robert De Niro as young Vito may be one of the greatesr casting decisions I’ve seen in a film, and every other performance is electric. Crazy how Al Pacino can steal a scene simply with a stare. Michael Corleone’s transition from outsider to the Don was fascinating in the original, but his transition from completely abandoning his family for his Family is chilling to the bone. I skipped the intermission I was that engaged. Nearly 3 1/2 hours and not a beat was missed. The decision to have the movie jump before and after the first movie was genius, and really builds the Mafia universe hinted at in the original. Even Harry Dean Stanton shows up!

Part 2 makes the original Godfather feel truly whole, and now I can’t wait to revisit the original someday with the context of the second to fully enhance the experience. I don’t know if it’s only because I knew what I was going into with the original vs. going in blind with the sequel, but Part 2 blows the original out of the water for me (besides the final scene, which felt kind of like a lesser version of the baptism scene from the original. Still fantastic tho).

I’m still in awe by how fantastic this is.

Also wtf is with these subtitles Netflix center your shit!

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