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  • Hustlers



    I finally understand why Jodorowsky said cinema was the most complete of all arts. Because it can tell a criminally sexy story about strippers-turned-con artists, while Chopin is playing in the background.

  • The Bad Guys: Reign of Chaos

    The Bad Guys: Reign of Chaos


    Korean Suicide Squad starring Kim Sang-joong as Amanda Waller's male counterpart, Ma Dong-seok as Bronze Tiger, Jang Ki-yong as Deadshot, and Kim Ah-joong as the ever-useless Harley Quinn.

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  • Parasite



    There are two kinds of five-star movies in my book: 1) the ones that I can rewatch for the rest of my life, and 2) the ones that are not only masterpieces, but they also spark my curiosity to study them and make me love cinema even more. PARASITE belongs to the latter category.

  • Gundala


    I haven't read any of these Indonesian superhero comics so I can say my knowledge is very limited. If Joko Anwar was really going for the grim and gritty style, could he at least pick a story arc that was less laughable? I mean what's with this immoral serum? lol. That sounds so Silver-Agey. Even one of the characters thought it was silly. Exactly. I don't want to lower my standards or sugarcoat my opinion just because it's an Indonesian film, but I still want to support this film. Go watch it!