• Birds of Paradise

    Birds of Paradise


    okay, I LOVE a beautiful, well-stylized film. it will always be such a pleasure to watch. 

    birds of paradise is so well set. it is full of pretty colors and ballet. the backgrounds are full and the actresses are breathtaking. there are a few scenes that are dull, or they don’t give the 100% I want to see. but yeah this movie rocks. it’s literally a ballet competition … this is that shit I would read as a preteen. I lick it up like I can’t get enough. 

    also i am down SO bad for diana silvers.

  • Tea and Sympathy

    Tea and Sympathy


    manliness is also gentleness and tenderness and consideration 

    plot twist they were both gay— anybody think of that?

    those shots in the forest… oh momma I gotta get that painted into my brain.

  • You've Got Beautiful Stairs, You Know...

    You've Got Beautiful Stairs, You Know...


    … you won’t be disappointed, take it from agnes varda. 

    nothing could convince me of anything more than if either agnes varda or taylor swift recommends it. 

    cat log 

  • Black Mirror: The Waldo Moment

    Black Mirror: The Waldo Moment


    probably the worst BM episode. he doesn’t even win the election in the end soooo….

  • Valley of the Dolls

    Valley of the Dolls


    criterion challenge 2022 film #20

    not only will I be framing every eye makeup look after this movie, but I will also be relating so much harder to “valley of the dolls” by marina and the diamonds as this movie has finally brought a new perspective to the song, featured on my most favorite album of all time, electra heart.

  • El Angel

    El Angel


    an ultimate be gay do crime movie 

    I loved so many shots here. it all felt very familiar, welcoming, and warm. even when he’s killing!

  • I'm Your Woman

    I'm Your Woman


    rewatching house of cards w my bf who has never seen it and immediately had to watch something new with rachel brosnahan in it bc I love her so much in HoC. 

    this story is LONG ok. it takes a long time to say very little. i had a lot of problems with aspects, like having the baby be the most important part of the story to then just giving him over to a “stranger” for the whole last third.…

  • Frenzy


    horror x 52 2022 film #15

    this movie was so painfully british and the older I get, the worse alfred hitchcock (who used to be my most fav director of all time) ends up being in terms of a good person. 
    “I heard he r*pes them before?”
    “well yes I guess it’s nice to think there is a silver lining” 
    “oh youre baaad” 
    she didn’t even say that she just went “oooh” excitedly and turned away. I added it in to give more humanity to a comment like this. 
    what the fuck?? 

    anyway. honestly a boorish story. too many close ups of british food😮‍💨🤢

  • Summertime



    my girl, you are hungry. eat-a the ravioli! 

    oh my god if my mans and I break up i’m moving straight to italy. it has always been the plan but after this movie, it’s officially the destination. 
    katharine hepburn rly is one of the best. her comedic timing built with her sensuality & grace is such a beautiful talent. love her sm.

  • Pandora's Box

    Pandora's Box


    criterion challenge 2022 film #19

    g.w. pabst kinda has a thing for women suffering 😮‍💨 I honestly can’t believe it ended like that. 
    german silent films are a niche of mine. glad to finally add this beauty to the list of favs.

  • Rue Daguerre in 2005

    Rue Daguerre in 2005


    saw this bonus feature a couple weeks ago and didn’t know it was on letterboxd! im loving my complete agnes varda collection 🥰🥰

  • The Story of an Old Lady

    The Story of an Old Lady


    marthe is the moment