Psycho ★★★★½


Once again, my roommate spent about 40% of the movie looking at his phone. Towards the end I started looking over at him, hoping he would get the hint but before he would put his phone down he would give an exaggerated reaction to whatever was happening on screen while still looking down towards his lap. Did he think I was excitedly looking towards him to share the pleasure of cinema? Maybe so, two of the times he did it, he quickly set the phone down afterwards. 

It makes me feel like such an asshole, but I invited him to watch something with me and almost said, “hey it’s sorta distracting when you text, so let’s watch something less significant if you want to use your phone,” but I was afraid it would come out more aggressively than I meant. Reminds me of when I got in one of the biggest fights with my mom because she asked to watch something with me then buried her face in her iPad, probably playing solitaire or some game she’s already played hundreds of times.

Not only do I feel like an asshole, but a spoiled child who wants things his way. I basically threw a temper tantrum when my mom got mad at me for asking her to put her iPad away.