Magnolia ★★★★★

35mm screening. I saw this four times during its original release and I’m certain it will always remain in my Top 3. (For better or worse, I share traits of every major character except Jimmy; two of the storylines hit very close to home [separately] for me years later; I’ve had significant fated moments that could not be One of Those Things.)

There are many other ways but I think this is how I want to make a movie: wear your heart on your sleeve and put it all out there at the risk of your own regret and alienating those who wouldn’t appreciate it anyway, and reserve judgment for those who truly deserve it. Also my way to go through life. 

This past summer I took a weekend trip to LA and I spent part of one of the days (sunny, no chance of rain) visiting shooting locations of both this and Boogie Nights. It was only upon learning “in real life” that the apartment complex that Officer Jim Kuring has his dangerous regretful moment at is about a half mile from Du-par’s (RIP), the diner where Jack Horner tells Eddie Adams — soon to be Dirk Diggler — his vision of the porn movies he wants to make, that I understood the “write what you know adage.” Anderson used to kick around this neighborhood and put that to use twice over. 

It’s constructed perfectly — not just in editing all the convergent storylines but in the pacing in individual scenes for their own sake, letting beats hang.

I know Tom Cruise is ~problematic~ but hot damn is he excellent in this.

It was really bittersweet to see Philip Seymour Hoffman on the big screen “again.”

There were some laughs from the audience at a couple of raw moments — the pharmacy and the riverbank — that made me envy those people’s lives.

Y’all know about the 8’s and the 2’s and 82’s and other clues, right?

Exodus 8:2 — And if thou refuse to let them go, behold, I will smite all thy borders with frogs

You know how when you leave the theater after seeing certain movies they make you want to do certain things? Musicals might put a spring in your step and a song in your heart, heroic adventures might make you more vigilant, action movies might make you want to drive faster on the way home... leaving Magnolia makes me want to forgive myself.