Jigsaw ★★★½

Well, I did it! I watched all 8 Saw movies in five days. Is that healthy? Absolutely not!

I liked this one a lot more than I should, apparently. Watching the original run (up through The Final Chapter) was exhausting by the end, trying to keep all the reveals and reversals and twisted chronology straight. I just didn't care anymore. So, this one is refreshing -- it's set ten years later and doesn't really bother with repeat characters and constant flashbacks and overlapping timelines.

Except... that pesky Jigsaw is still walking around, even though he died five movies ago, which tells you something's up. I found myself actually engaged in trying to figure out the twist here, instead of waiting to let it hit me and being like "Huh, okay, sure." It's fun to be intrigued instead of mildly surprised!

Ready for whatever the hell Spiral: From the Book of Saw is!