Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Wow. Do not listen to the critics. Of course it has it’s flaws but I am very satisfied righ now. Experienced every emotion in those 2 hours and 22 minutes. I’m pretty speechless beyond that and need the night to process it all. Seeing it again tomorrow at 4. It’s really hard to even say what I liked and didn’t like without spoiling anything. But yeah, I’m satisfied. J.J. stuck the landing! It was a really fun movie! I had a blast! All the character wrap-ups are pretty damn great. Again, I’m satisfied. Back in March when @AshCrossan asked J.J. what he wanted fans to feel, he responded “satisfied.” He’s accomplished that. 👏🏻
Quick side note. It baffles me how critics are calling the first act a “convoluted mess.” Literally just pay attention and it’s the easiest thing to follow. I bet kids watching TROS are able to follow it better than some critics. Jeez. Lmao
But yeah I’m satisfied. There’s plenty of stuff I love and plenty of stuff I’m iffy about. Some of my favorite moments are in this film. Gotta see it again and sleep on it a bit more. Not gonna give it a rating right now. Definitely go to the cinema and judge it for yourself. Critics aren’t doing it justice.

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