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  • The Hills Have Eyes Part 2

    The Hills Have Eyes Part 2


    Nobody cared while making this movie. NOBODY

  • Pieces



    I know our best and brightest are all hard at work to end this COVID19 pandemic, but if I could throw
    My 2 cents in ..... put Kendall on it - that curly head little moppet could easily fix the Situation as he is clearly a true master of all tasks 

    I love this movie - love it even more with Joe Bob hosting - the perfect comfort movie for weird times

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  • Warcraft



    Lots of cartoon people punching real people - don't know why, 

    Remember when bob Hoskins and a rabbit went on an adventure ? Yeah that was cool

  • The Godfather

    The Godfather


    While 90% of the films I watch are the cinematic equivalent to that painting of dogs playing poker - here is a glorious work, A film so lush, crafted, and composed it deserves to be dissected and discussed alongside artworks currently behind bulletproof glass in museums around the world