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  • A Mighty Wind

    A Mighty Wind

    Something I didn't get as a kid, or if I did it didn't stick, was just how sweet and heartbreaking those final moments are. There's, like, ZERO irony and Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara sell it one hundred percent.

    File this one under "it's 3am and Eugene Levy is making me confront some real life emotions."

  • The Cranes Are Flying

    The Cranes Are Flying


    Listen, I know I seem to give everything on here a 'like' and I'm *constantly* complaining about having to rank stuff but just know that this one EASILY makes my top five of all time.

    It's also on Filmstruck so if you haven't seen it and you're into weepy WWII melodramas or super striking hyper-subjective camerawork (I mean, who isn't, right?) then stop reading, start watching. It's also a lean 97 minutes so there's little to lose here!

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  • The Big Short

    The Big Short


    Remember the parts in The Big Short where the camera cuts to a celebrity in order to explain financial concepts in layman's terms? That's all the parts. So if you've had dreams about Ryan Gosling parsing the 2007 financial crisis or Steve Carell as a blond then run, don't walk.

    The bankers and investors that control our money can and will be crooks, that much we know, but Adam McKay convinces movie-goers like you and I that the only thing…

  • Breathe



    I'm slowly realizing there's ZERO time for me to write about this so some stray thoughts...

    ·For one it's so absolutely perfect.

    · It features three of the most heartbreaking performances of the year, Isabelle Carré as Charlie's mom all but made me lose it.

    · Arnaud Potier!! The photography's jaw dropping and practical in equal measure.

    · Guess I'll never listen 'We Are Young' the same way again.

    ·Sidesteps expectations at every turn. Sarah is so incredibly complicated, so…