In the Cut

In the Cut ★★★½

I skipped In The Cut upon release, probably because of its bad reviews and arriving in an oversaturated market of middling-to-poor Seven-imitation dirges.

Now, it comes off as a fascinating experiment and an inspired pairing of director to material. Campion is one of the more underrated auteurs and her roving, discerning eye steers us away from the main (arguably rote) storyline enough to almost make us forget that we’re watching another serial killer film.

And Ryan’s performance is nowhere near as bad as so many critics made it out to be. I suspect that everyone’s favorite You Got Mail romantic lead was mostly getting pilloried for playing against type. How dare she show such sexuality!

It’s by no means perfect, but evaluating In The Cut against other the films of this ilk (as opposed to Campion’s other, often stellar work), it comes off a lot better than I ever expected it to.

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