Little Women ★★★★½

Greta Gerwig’s Best Director Oscar snub is a crime. As Melissa Villaseñor hilariously complained in a recent SNL episode, I guess there’s not enough white male rage in Little Women for such an honor to be bestowed. Your loss, Academy. It wouldn’t be the first time.

While #OscarsSoMale honors testosterone-fueled epics of technical prowess (I’m looking at you, 1917, Joker, Ford vs. Ferrari, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, the Irishman, and—because it needs to be said again even if it is from a previous recent year—Dunkirk), we in the know will relish the pure, unadulterated, “capital”-J joy of Gerwig’s 21st century 19th century period piece that is on the same level of historical-drama-made-modern films like Sense and Sensibility and The Favourite.

So your WWI film is all one digitally stitched-together take? Big deal. Just try to conjure emotion and feeling so artfully and true as Little Women does, Sam Mendes. Your plastic bag from American Beauty has nothing on Jo and Laurie's outdoor dancing or Jo and Beth on the beach. If there was any justice in the fishbowl Academy Award world, this would win Best Picture in a three-way tie with Parasite and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (I still love this film, actually). If only...

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