Grounded: Making The Last of Us

Grounded: Making The Last of Us ★★★★★

I'll use this as my review for The Last Of Us.

Not only is The Last of Us my favourite game that I ever played, but it's one of my favourite stories ever put to screen. I'm not kidding when I said that the story of Joel and Ellie made me want a daughter. In a post apocalyptic world full of murder, monsters, and darkness... we follow a pair of two survivors as they learn that they need each-other more than they could ever know. Joel completes Ellie and Ellie completes Joel.

Sarah taught Joel how to love, and Ellie reminded him how. "No matter what... you keep finding something to fight for". Whatever happens in life... there's always a reason to keep going. A powerful message that everyone should learn in their lives.

Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson give some of the best performances I've ever seen in my life. Even if it's just their voices, when they perform their lines, they BECOME Joel and Ellie. I don't hear two actors... I hear Joel and Ellie. Their performances add so much depth and history to their characters that they feel so REAL. Incredible acting.

The soundtrack is so good too. Santaolalla creates one of my favourite soundtracks ever, perfectly capturing the ruthlessness of the world of The Last of Us.

I should also mention that this story has one of my favourite endings to any story ever.

When the show drops on HBO, it's going to be that years biggest show. It'll be that year's queens gambit, stranger things, Chernobyl, etc.

"I swear".