Chinatown ★★★★½

This movie is something else. A masterpiece. Everything about it is beautiful. The set, the costumes, the acting, the music, the cinematography. Movies like this are what inspire thousands of movies that come after it.      

Firstly, Chinatown brings you back to the days of old. Wearing three piece suits, drinking in the office, and flinging cigarettes into lakes. It transfers you to a different time. When men could be bought and when corruption was high. When everyone looked fancy but hid some ugly secrets. When times were dangerous but looked sexy as hell. This movie brings out all the best and worst of Los Angeles in 1937. 

Secondly, Jack Nicholson kills it as a private investigator trying to survive in the “small town” of LA. There’s something amazing watching him work his magic as he cons his way through various situations, trying to uncover some serious corruption and put away some bad dudes. He’s a man of mystery, and he plays it perfectly. He oozes cool and he’s charming as ever. Am I the only person that thinks Jack should have played James Bond after seeing this movie? 

Lastly, this goes without saying, but this movie is so well put together. Everything about it stands the test of time. You can watch it in 2019 and still be amazed by it. That alone, speaks volumes about the quality of this film. Watch it, it’s a masterpiece.

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