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  • The Happening

    The Happening

    The most interesting part was when Mark Wahlberg attempted to communicate with a house plant.

  • Glass



    This is a disappointing conclusion to a trilogy we never even knew we had (Split could've been it's own thing, really.) There's a lot to say on it, so we did a video for it over on We Hate Movies:

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  • The Final Destination

    The Final Destination


    The bottom of the franchise. This movie was released in 3D and won't shut up about it. It might be the most egregious use of THREE DEE I've ever seen. Friday the 13th: Part 3 also does this style of kill toward the camera but that movie at least has moxie and a plucky young lead named Jason Voorhees.

    This is the only movie to absolutely not feature Tony Todd which is a big problem for me. His creepy coroner…

  • Final Destination 5

    Final Destination 5


    Not the worst but far from the best. I appreciated the ballsy twist in the end. I almost wish there were more cultural signifiers of the 2000s but I can see how that'd give it away.

    I'm almost unsure how the movie found itself in that "I'll take your lifespan" action/thriller turf but I am here for it. Not sure the actors could entirely handle that material but it was different for the series.

    And this ends my marathon of the CGI Blood franchise.

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