Six Days Seven Nights

Six Days Seven Nights ★★★½

Watching this harmless romantic fluff these days, you’d be surprised by how controversial it was for its time. People just couldn’t believe Harrison Ford would do a movie where his love interest was Ellen DeGeneres’s girlfriend. Talk shows had their audience members weigh in on whether or not they could accept a high-profile queer person in a heterosexual romantic role. Some were quite open about how they’d have a hard time buying a woman who kisses Ellen also kissing Harrison Ford. So shocking!!!!!

All that furor and outrage over a movie with nothing more on its mind than being a lighthearted, gorgeous, romantic action-adventure along the lines of Romancing the Stone. Anne Heche is an unconventional romcom lead even without the ridiculous and irrelevant drama over her personal life. She has a sharp-edged personality and she doesn’t overdo the standard clumsy, klutzy antics. The movie doesn’t shy away from the age difference, and because her love interest is Harrison Ford, you immediately get why she’d be drawn to someone much older and more charming than David Schwimmer in full-Ross Geller mode. This isn’t talked about as much as other ‘90s romcoms, but it’s a good one to revisit or try out if you want something different from the era.