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This review may contain spoilers.

Second Viewing Review

This film you need to see twice to fully understand. Just like The Protagonist at the beginning you’re struggling to keep up with the film, but on a second viewing it’s like inversion - you know what’s gonna happen and the parts that were less clear become obvious. Like my previous review the cinematography was amazing, the story was great, the actors were awesome! Upon my first viewing I was a little let down, but do yourself a favor and go rewatch it if you were a little let down like me. 

I will say though that there is a little lack of character development in order to drive the story. But with films like these it’s a sacrifice filmmakers are willing to make. But for Christopher Nolan I feel he could’ve added a little more. Besides that I have no other complaints! 

All I have for you is a word and a jesture. Tenet.”

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