Favorite films

  • Jaws
  • GoodFellas
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • Slap Shot

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  • The Empty Man


  • The Green Knight


  • Freaky


  • The Green Knight


Recent reviews

  • Smokey and the Bandit

    Smokey and the Bandit


    An absolute blast in a crowd. So glad I saw it this way my first time. With Elaine and the M&Ms.

  • Old



    Every character is obsessed about their job title in this movie, even little kids. And the cinematography… what happened there? This is one of the weirdest shot mainstream movies I’ve seen in a while, like M Night and co. we’re bored with the single location and tried out any and every angle. Too much panning back and forth. Too many overhead shots. Clumsy acting. Annoying, unrelenting pace. 

    Bad movie. Good time watching tho, with Joe.

Popular reviews

  • The Revenant

    The Revenant


    This is why I go to the movies. To feel and experience something so intensely visceral that you get lost in it. This is true immersionist cinema, and a heart of darkness tale that looks, breathes, smells, sounds and feels like nothing else of its kind.

    Nothing grips you like this film, and once its hooks have dug in it doesn't relent. Though it does breathe, occasionally, and afford the viewer some valleys in its simple revenge western hybrid that's…

  • Mandy



    Panos Cosmatos joins Nicolas Winding Refn and Ana Lily Amirpour to form the triumvirate modern masters of a particular type of cinematic experience, blending genre exercise with slow cinema arthouse pretensions. 
    This one’s a pretty god damn glorious mix of Heavy Metal, Mad Max, Hellraiser and the Lord of the Rings segment from the Song Remains the Same movie, and so freaking druggy I had cottonmouth just watching it. When it kicks into gear, look out. What a blast.