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  • Dear Zindagi

    Dear Zindagi


    I've never seen Ragú sauce play such a heartbreaking role in a movie before.

  • A Man Who Was Superman

    A Man Who Was Superman


    Watched with mom.

    Title becomes evident during the second half, but that doesn't ruin the case. I'm setting a reminder that a story does not have to be cliched, but what matters is that how it should work. And this film does a good case.

    Powerful last 40 minutes. Truly what to expect, while making me clearly emphatic.

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  • Scorpio Rising

    Scorpio Rising


    Holy shit this is the perfect description of masculine ecstasy I've ever spotted on film. Everything is on point: the lengthy buildup with the dressing and bike repairing, the fitting selection of early 60s hits, and the downward submersion into ballsy chaos.

    Gives Anger a good reputation for its last name.

  • Irreversible



    Recommended by Spookler on the Metropolis Roulette.

    I went to a controversial talk about rape before and became humiliated by myself after misunderstanding the consequences of the act.

    Closely while thinking about it, I truly imagined Irreversible was about the annihilation caused by sexual violence and one of the better attempts at giving an ideology of a crime. The movie opens with the climaxing point as part of the obvious narrative of the film. It decreases before coming back with…