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  • Masterminds



    Nearly one of the guilty pleasures of the year. Some really big laughs in here that unfortunately fall victim late to Jared Hess' propensity for his films to run out of steam. Happened even worse with Don Verdean. Still, most I laughed at one of his films since Napoleon Dynamite.

  • Terminator Genisys

    Terminator Genisys

    Cause what Terminator fans was a revisionist take on whether or not Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese could bicker their way into finally mating.

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  • St. Vincent

    St. Vincent


    ST. VINCENT is a real crowd-pleaser. Far from perfect and a bit manipulative but everyone is good especially Bill Murray and the kid.

  • Aloha



    There are quintessential bits of Crowe in a film that just cannot commit to the payload it wants to deliver.